56 km from hotel Il Negresco

Livorno is not only one of the most important ports in Italy, but it is also a city to discover and experience that will captivate and amaze you.

Lively and well connected, walking through the streets that keep the testimony of many different cultures, tempting you with the towns typical dishes (the fish soup, mullet livornese and the famous rum punch) in the middle of the crossroads of the Mediterranean sea. You can enjoy a boat trip along the Medici canals following the ancient pentagonal perimeter, skirting the sixteenth century fortifications with its characteristic pink colour, before going into the enchanting atmosphere of the historic district of New Venice, built on water.

A city inextricably linked to the sea which is an integral part of life, with the beautiful walks through the city’s gardens, fragrant plants and kiosks that have inspired famous painters, elegant seaside resorts, the port and its activities.

The artistic heritage of its historical churches, beautiful examples of Art Nouveau architecture, elegant villas in which international celebrities resided, make up the Tuscan city that gave birth to Amedeo Modigliani, Pietro Mascagni, Giovanni Fattori, Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, a city to discover.