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40 Kilometers away from Forte dei Marmi there is the Lunigiana, named “land of 100 castles”. The castle of Malaspina it’s an important fortress with a quadrangular map built at the end of the 12th century. The fortress is provided with 4 circular towers, a semicircular bastion but also suspending gardens, terraces and lodges.

On the inside, wonderful furnished and frescoed rooms from 1800 with the “trabocchetto room” and the torture room can be seen. From the throne room small stairs led to the roofs and to the crenellated tower from which you can admire a wonderful view on the sea and on Apuane Alps. The legend says that the Malaspina daughter, being in love with a simple stable boy, was walled alive in a cell with a dog, symbol of loyalty, and a boar, emblem of the rebellion. The wild spirit of the young lady seems to be still in the castle, since there are people who swear to have seen her ghost in the salons…


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